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LAGC and AC2C have now been upgraded and logins from either site will now work on both. The sites can be accessed by clicking the logos and links above but please take note of the information for members below. has been the number one value for money asian cam site for over 7 years now and whereas in the past we may have lacked some of the features of the more expensive sites, this has now changed.

Visitors to LAGC and our sister site asiancam2cam no longer have to sacrifice fancy features for value for money as our new software has both. Ability to save favorites, enjoy inbuilt cam2cam chat, plus many more things we will leave you to discover for yourself.

We are transferring performers from our old system in batches and online numbers. should be on the rise but please be patient while we are in transition.

If you are looking for a wider choice of performers, please check out our recently relaunched site which is not affected by the LAGC/AC2C merger.

Information for Members

Members with accounts only on AC2C

Your AC2C account and any credits on the account at the time of the software change can now be used on both LAGC and AC2C

Members with accounts only on LAGC

Your LAGC account and any credits at time of software change have been transferred to the new site. Your login details will not have changed but you will now be able to use your account and credits on both LAGC and AC2C

Members with same user name account on both sites.

In cases where a member has accounts with the SAME username on both LAGC and AC2C where there is a match in at least one other key field (password, email or credit card name) any balance on your LAGC account at time of software change has now been transferred to your AC2C account.If there is no credit to transfer, from now on your AC2C login and password is also your LAGC account login and password and you can use any future credits on both sites.

Members with different named accounts on both sites with DIFFERENT registered emails.

Where members have different user names on each sites, both accountshave been created in the new system and each has had any credit balance transferred with it. Both accounts will now work on both sites.

Members with different named accounts on both sites but with SAME registered emails.

Our software requires that each account has a unique email that is not registered to any other accounts which means that accounts with a registered email already in the system via cannot automatically be transferred in. This doesn't affect many members, but those that it does will be emailed within 24 hours to explain the options to resolve this. If you think you may be affected by this just contact LAGC Support



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LAGC and AC2C are now two doorways into the same administration system. Although the sites look different to each other, when you log into one site you automatically appear on the other also. One browser window for performers and one account for privates and tips etc. Everything much simpler. Members also can use their accounts and credits on either site.

All AC2C studios and performer accounts have been set up in the new software as that site is only a year old and all information is current HOWEVER LAGC is now 8 years old and although we have some performers from 2007 who are still active, many of our 10,000+ registered performers are no longer so we have decided not to automatically import everybody, but instead to get studios to add their own performers themselvesIf you already have a studio registered on AC2C then log into it and add your missing LAGC performers.

If you don't already have an AC2C Studio, then:

1. create your studio account yourself and wait to be approved

2. add your performers yourself (from inside studio)

3. email LAGC Support and ask for quick approval

We wi

Please be patient

Remember if your performers were previously registered on AC2C their accounts are already activated on new LAGC and they can login at either of the addresses below


It doesn't matter which you login to, both will log you into both sites

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